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The New Explorer Play Kit

The New Explorer Play Kit

The New Explorer Play Kit is a slimmed down version of the Premium Explorer Play Kit for more efficient use of home space and reduced packaging for sustainability.

The irresistibly cute and carefully selected Play Kit includes all the same fun and learning as the Premium Play Kit with exceptions of the following three items:

  • Mini Torch
  • Glow Sticks
  • Treasure Map

Still not sure about our Watch & Play? 

Watch the fun and education videos on the 8 Colors Kids YouTube Channel before you make your mind up! Let your child decide if he or she wants to learn and play more!

Click here to watch the Explorer Play Kit video series now!


  • Includes 6 exciting free video tutorials with educational insights
  • Includes 5 carefully selected and purpose-designed items for playtime
  • High quality real binoculars for outdoor exploring
  • For children aged 4+
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  • Compass

    A real functional compass for learning about directions and the Earth's magnetic fields

  • Ropes

    Learn how to tie different types of knots for different usages with the 8 Colors ropes

  • Binoculars

    High quality binoculars great for both indoor and outdoor activities

  • Explorer Vehicle

    Explorers need the right vehicles for their adventure. The 8 Colors Explorer Vehicle has pull-back functions and durable design

  • Backpack

    You will always need a backpack to bring all of your items in the explorer kit to your exciting journeys