About 8 Colors

What COLOR is your child?

There are only seven colors in a rainbow, but we believe every child has a unique color and we made it our mission as an Edu Tech startup company to help find the color of every child. Hence our name, 8 COLORS.  




From coding to artistry, there are so many things to learn in this world and that's why most companies focus on developing 'what to learn'. However, we don't just care about what our children need to learn, but also 'how they learn' those things.


We are a small team of dedicated professionals striving to provide new ways for children to learn things that they want to learn, because above all, whether you want to be a pioneering rocket scientist or an inspiring artist, learning should be fun. 


And as we always at the end of our fun videos, don't forget to




and Stay Gre8


8 Colors Team