Our Story



About 8 Colors

8 Colors is a Singapore-based Education Company and a Member of AWS EdStart programme founded by graduates of National University of Singapore. 8 Colors focuses on education for the next generation with diverse and creative online Coaching Classes that help students find their true talents and passions outside of school curriculums and national exam preparations.


Our Story

The problem with the most education systems around the world is that we have created a learning environment, where students focus on a small number of 'important' subjects and standardised tests. Ironically, studies have shown that the more educated we are, the less creative we become. Highly successful individuals tend to achieve their successes despite their education rather than from the takeaways of their learning journey.

As an education company dedicated to creating a new learning experience for the next generation, we decided to challenge the traditional norms and introduce a new way - one that is more Personal, more Relevant to the real world, and more Useful in helping students become the best versions of themselves. 

At the centre of the diverse projects offered by 8 Colors, we apply Coaching as opposed to teaching to better understand what the student's interests and passions are and work together with the student to set and achieve new goals. In short, we created a learning service that we wish we'd had when we were kids, so that kids today will have a brighter future!


Our Mission

There are only seven colors in a rainbow, but we believe every child has a unique color and deserves a chance to find it. Our mission, therfeore, is to help them find their 8th color.


8 Colors Team